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11 Oct 2018, 1:51pm
Adobe flasher player is a platform which includes viewing multimedia contents, executing internet application, streaming video and audio. It is run in a web browser as a plug-in.
When you open flash player did you see the notification “missing plug-in” OR “update your version” OR “Flash out of date”? Some time flash player is automatically blocked plug-in itself when your version is old or expiry.
Most people having issues in Adobe flasher players, they just need a genuine company who help them and solve all technical problems just Contact with our Adobe Flash Player Support UK 0-800-048-8505.
You can do these things:-
1. Check if Flash is enabled or not.
2. Make sure the website isn’t blocked for accessing flash.
3. Check site information.
4. Update Adobe Flash Player.
5. Clear Browser Cache.

If you are using Mac, follow these steps:-
First of all check safari version on your Mac > Choose safari and then about safari.
If the safari version is earlier than 10.0
Choose safari > Preferences > Click the security tab [make sure enable JavaScript and allow plug-ins are selected] > click manage website settings > select adobe flash player [than when visiting other website menu is choose to allow].
If the safari version is 10.0 or later
Choose safari > Preferences > Click on security tab [make sure enable JavaScript and allow plug-ins are selected] > Click plug-ins settings and Choose adobe flash player > Click on when visiting other website menus > Choose on button > Click on done.
If the safari version is 11.0 or later.
Choose safari > Preferences > Click on website tab and select the plug-ins section [make sure adobe flash player clicks on] > Choose when visiting other website settings > Select off button.
If your adobe flash player is not working on Mac or any other browsers call on our toll-free Adobe Technical Support Number UK 0-800-048-8505.

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