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I run a small development company that builds web applications. We need a tool to keep track of projects & tasks. PM Compass fits that role and is critical to our everyday operation. PM Compass gives me an overview on how were doing as a team, which projects are healthy and which are running over time. The support is excellent. PM Compass always listens to our needs and ideas...
Paweł Szulc, Rabbit Software

We are a team of graphic designers and webmasters, cooperating remotely. It is essential that we have the best collaborative tools available to us. PM Compass allows us to communicate effectively as a team on our tasks, and lets us share project progress with our clients. PM Compass is reliable, constantly growing with new features and enhancements and good-looking!
Piotr Naumowicz, ProudPixels

PM Compass is an important part of our day-to-day activity, helping us encompass topics connected with the development of our website. PM Compass is extremely user-friendly and allows our team to work more efficiently, enabling us to spend more time on development and less time on maintenance and administration.
Michał i Agnieszka Zagrodnik, Levanter

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