Any Files from Anywhere, at Anytime

PM Compass provides a secure online environment to facilitate file storage online and makes file sharing with your team, colleagues and clients, inside and outside of your organization easy.

What types of files can you upload? Technical documentation, contracts, logos, screenshots, designs, photos, work requests, there are no file type restrictions.

Your files are accessible anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. No VPN is required and there is no software to download and install.

See What Changed and Who, When and Why

The versioning feature enables you to keep track of all changes made to a specific project document.

When you upload a new version of a file, PM Compass can keep a copy of the old version around for safe keeping. This makes it easy to go back and see what changed, when and by who.

In addition to the version number, you can add a description, that also helps manage your documents with great efficiency.

Protect Your Important Data

With PM Compass you can be sure your files are safe and secure.

Upload your files and you can rest assured knowing that should your computer or laptop crash, get stolen or be corrupted by a virus, you will still have all of your precious files securely backed up.

Manage your Projects,
Team and Documents online!