Create and Complete Successful Projects

The PMI, PMBOK approach makes a lot of sense for some Project Managers. We started here too, but quickly learned that for most small companies or project teams it's all too overwhelming and makes it harder to achieve your goals. You end up spending more time trying to manage your projects than actually getting tasks done.

PM-Compass is about getting the job done. Empowering your team members to have every piece of information at their fingertips. Helping them to work efficiently, track that work and communicate openly with clients, giving them real-time updates of project progression.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

With PM Compass managing projects is easy and intuitive. Simply set up your project alone or with your team in minutes.

PM Compass provides a detailed structural breakdown of the project. Use it to define and develop the project schedule. This tool helps to easily communicate the work and processes involved in successful project completion.

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Task Management Made Easy

PM Compass is flexible task management. It allows a great variety of characteristics for efficient project management:

* Task name, description and status,
* Last modification, creation, start and end dates,
* Estimated hours to completion,
* Actual hours worked, cross-referenced with the user's timesheet,
* Attach documents to your tasks (screen captures, plans, documents, etc.),
* All assigned users can enter comments on a task, to discuss about it.

Gantt Chart Updated in Real-time

Achieve a clear view of your project schedule with Gantt. View your projects and tasks, their durations and dependencies.

You can switch simply between daily and monthly views. Most importantly you can drag around and resize your projects and tasks directly in the timeline.

Resource Management

Setup all employees, subcontractors and clients as users, assign them to projects and tasks and manage their timesheets.

These users can all access your account simultaneously, from different locations, at any time, and each user can be allowed their own access rights.

Visual indicators

Managing many tasks can become laborious when project managers are not equipped with the right tools. This is why our system provides you with a variety of characteristics for each individual task, that you can monitor on one screen.

Using the visual indicator, you can gauge the number of documents, new comments and the progress of all tasks immediately.

Completed tasks are displayed in a different color, making it easier to see progress.

Manage your Projects,
Team and Documents online!