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You'll love PM Compass as soon as you start using it. The easy-to-use and intuitive collaboration platform gives teams of all sizes a better and smarter way to get their work done together.

Create accounts for your team, co-workers, clients, collaborators, etc.
PM Compass lets you manage all users in one easy to use account and assign them to projects and tasks.

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PM Compass is an online project management software that makes team collaboration easy. Keep and share your projects, tasks, notes and files. Track progress and time, send alerts, generate reports - all in one place.

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Comment On Just About Anything

Instead of sending emails all over the place, use PM Compass project comments boards to keep all the discussions about a project in one centralized location.

You can even leave comments on tasks and milestones too. This makes it easy for you to clear up any questions your client or team might have. And since they're all stored in PM Compass, everyone knows where to go for the latest information. Making it easy to add your two cents to any comment.

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