We understand that choosing a project management online tool is an important decision for your team and company. That is why, we would like to provide you answers to some frequently asked questions.

Can I change my subscription plan?

You can change your subscription plan whenever you want. This action is available only for the account owner (in the Company settings section).

Unfortunately, if you want to change your subscription plan to a cheaper one, according to the Terms of Use, the payment for the current month will not be refunded.

Can I close my PM-Compass account?

Yes, you can. You are able to stop using PM-Compass whenever you need, just let us know. We also remind you, that the payment for the current month will not be refunded (according to The Terms of Use).

Can you install PM Compass on my own server?

Yes, we can. To get more information, contact us.

How much does PM-Compass cost?

PM-Compass prices are different depending on the plan you choose. Have a look at our Plans & Pricing section to find the best solution for your business.

We guarantee that you will never be charged any additional or hidden costs.

Our system is based on month subscriptions.
If you pay for 12 months in advance, you will get additional 2 month for free.

If our subscription plans doesnt suit Your needs, contact us. We promise to find the best solution for you!

How to begin using PM-Compass?

To get access to PM-Compass application, all you need to do is fill in the registration form on our website. In a few seconds you will get access to a full version of the application, and will be able to use it for free for 30 days!
We respect your time the registration process should take less than 60 seconds.

I cant find a certain feature which I need in PM-Compass. Could you create it for me?

Yes, we will work hard to do that.
Obviously, we are open to all suggestions! If PM-Compass does not contain some useful features or if you need a dedicated solution prepared especially for you, contact us.

I would like to invite more people to use PM-Compass. Do I have to pay any additional fees?

No, you wont have to pay extra . PM-Compass prices are based only on the number of active projects, storage and available features. That is why you can invite as many people as you need to join your PM-Compass account and you dont have to worry about costs.

I would like to try PM-Compass before I purchase it. Is it possible?

After the registration and account activation you get free access to the application for 30 days. Thanks to that you can test PM-Compass yourself. You will be able to use it in your own company and within your own team environment.
Obviously, you are not obliged to pay any fees after the trial is over.

Is PM-Compass application updated frequently?

Yes, it is. Our programmers and IT specialists work hard to update the application constantly. They are always ready to hear your suggestions. If there are any feature which has not been implemented yet, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will carefully review all your suggestions to make your projects easier and more pleasant to use!

What system requirements do I have to satisfy to get access to PM-Compass?

To work with PM-Compass you will only need an internet browser and an internet connection. There are no other requirements. PM-Compass gives you the ability to get full access to all your projects not only from your office but from anywhere you want.

Why is PM-Compass suitable for me and my company?

PM-Compass is an intuitive and easy to use project management tool. That is why it suits all types of companies and activities. We offer:
- intuitive project trees,
- efficient communication between team members and project managers,
- simple exchange of documents,
- time management via timesheets,
and a lot of other valuable features.

All small, medium and big project teams can manage their projects effectively, communicate well and work with PM-Compass to achieve success.

Do you need help? Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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