Time is Money...

so tracking where your time is going is a necessary evil you will have to live with.
Why not make it easier to track where that time goes?

PM Compass allows you to easily track the time spent on tasks and projects.

The timesheet calculates summary information like total time spent today and for the whole week, as well as the remaining time for each task. This is important as we all know losing track of time can shrink your margins and ultimately put you out of business.

Effortless Timesheets

Team members do not like to waste time filling in forms.

The timesheet feature in PM Compass makes time addition really easy. It shows all user projects and tasks for the current week on one screen. So after your workday, it takes no more than a few seconds to update your tasks progress.

Easily Track Time and Costs of Projects

PM Compass makes it easy for the project manager to keep track of several projects and the time spent by team members on these projects.

You can filter time reports by individual team member. This allows the project manager to view and export time expenditures.

Knowing how much time and work is spent on a project, will help estimate running costs and time management for future projects.

Sharing the Load

Too many projects, not enough resources sound familiar?

Managing your resources, time, capacity and scheduling is no mean feat, especially when you take into consideration multiple projects and tight deadlines.

PM Compass has taken resource management to the next level by allowing project managers to easily allocate relevant, and available resources to tasks at hand. They can quickly see which of their team members are free and when.

Manage your Projects,
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