The ending phase of the project

Accomplishing your project tasks is only a part of the project that needs to be done to assure its completion.

After reviewing the plan with web project management tool, making sure that the expectations have been met and the goals have been reached, there is a few extra activities, which you have to perform in order to close your project with a clean conscience. You have to make sure to do the things below:

Make sure you have your clients approval of the results of the project.

Balance and close all the accounts created for the project's use, if they existed. Check your budgets and expenditures in web project management software to determine if you used all the money, used any credit lines or have any standing financial obligations.

Assist team members in transition to the next assignments.

Plan and perform a post factum evaluation for summarizing project achievements, discussing advice you could develop for future projects. If you use web project management, you can design and develop a notebook of advice online, to be upgraded with precious data from subsequent projects, thus enriching the savvy for future project managers of similar projects.
If you really don't have time to do this, the least you can do is make notes containing the advice and their influence on projects in the future.

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