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2 Mar 2020, 10:37am
What do you think about CAPM certificate? Is it worth preparing? Are there any other, more interesting opportunities?
I will be really glad if you can give me a piece of advice, because I will be choosing an exam I would like to pass and I need your opinion.


3 Mar 2020, 8:30pm
I'd like to wait for being qualified and experienced and then pass PMP instead of CAPM.


4 Mar 2020, 7:39pm
I am a capm and unfortunately I must say that this certification is not value for money, in my opinion. It is not really well known and even many project managers don't know what it is at all.
I don't want to discourage you but there are some more interesting certifications you can choose.


4 Mar 2020, 10:42pm
In my opinion, CAPM can be profitable in some ways. It can be named as a milestone ;) to PMP.

Firstly, that is a great first step to the PMP certification. You can study specific PMI language - a lot of vocabulary which you can't find anywhere else! This will help much in the future.

Secondly, in preparation fot CAPM you can show your manager or any other boss you are developing for all the time and you want to become a true professional. That is sth which is worth doing it.
If you need any help, ask me. I am willing to support you.


5 Mar 2020, 9:36am
In my point of view, the value of each certificate is in opportunities. It can be really useful while looking for a job. If you have got a certification and another job candidate doesn't, you are more attractive for your possible, future employer.

To sum up, if you are sure you want to work as a PM (that is something you are interested in, it can help you develop, that is your hobby...), then the CAPM certification is good for you.
I say it from my own experience that the crucial word is here "opportunity"...
Best wishes!


6 Mar 2020, 7:35pm
Education is sometimes worse than certification. In education there are usually marks which are lower than in certification. That is why both are important but there is something else - experience (it can be event better than education and any certification).


21 Mar 2020, 1:49pm
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