How to indicate that your project is important to the company

The success of your project depends on how much emphasis your organization puts into it. If the project is important and somehow prestigious to the upper management, they will be more eager to help you down the road to make sure you deliver the results.

On the other hand, when conflicts over employees or resources start to influence the performance, you can have less leverage if your project isn't of top priority to the organization. Even if your web project management plans on using them, scarce resources are usually distributed to the top priority projects at first.

The value of your project to the organization is a function of potential benefits and their awareness among people. Make sure you calibrate your web project management tool for raising awareness about your project through actions and tasks in its implementation. To spread the knowledge and emphasize your project's importance, take these simple steps:

1. Search for existing documents stating that your project is of value to the organization. Get in touch with following sources in order to learn more about the priorities in your company:

- Long term planning
- Budgets
- Plans of capital appropriations
- Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your company

2. Make a description in your web project management software, regarding the relation of your project to the company's priorities and goals.

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