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International Project Management Association (IPMA)

International Project Management Association is a non-profit organization founded In Vienna in 1965 by a group of managers interested in project management. The first Congress of the Association took place in 1967 also in Vienna and it gathered specialists project managers from 30 countires.

In 1979 the Association changed its name from International Management Systems Association to International Project Management Association. Nowadays it represents 50 organizations from each continent.

IMPA promotes actively project management topics for business practitioners and for other organizations and institutions around the world. Furthermore, it undertakes certification system, competitions and awards for the most successful projects and project teams. The Association is also a creator of project management publications and articles system.

The mission of IPMA is a success of its participants. It is being achieved by promoting project management field of science and spreading of project management everywhere and for everyone.

Available language versions: English | Polski | Russian

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