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Young Crew

Young Crew is a part of the International Project Management Association. It gathers the youngest project managers (under 35 years old) and these who try to begin their work in project management and want to develop dynamically.

The main aim of this group is to increase their abilities, to achieve new impressive experience and to exchange project management knowledge. Young Crew was also created because it is crucial to take advantage of energy, creativity and dynamism of young people.
That is why the Group organizes a lot of interesting events like trainings, courses and Young Project Management Program competition.

One of the most interesting initiatives of Young Crew is the Young Crew Platform. Thanks to this fact academic science organizations can meet and can provide activities together. The Platform is considered as the biggest base of students interested in project management in Poland. They manage growth of the Platform and organize polish initiaves connected with it.

Available language versions: English | Polski | Russian

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