Salary for PMP with 10 years experience - Project Management - Theory and Practice

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20 Jan 2020, 12:11am
What is the typical salary for a certified Project manager with 10 years job experience?


20 Jan 2020, 12:41am
I think that it is about 85,000 USD to 90,000 USD


20 Jan 2020, 8:36am
Salaries depend on the industry and type of project.

I have heard that in pharmaceutical projects there you can earn about $130K (even more if you hava a technical degree).
In finance certified PM can earn $125K - $150K. There are also some bonuses.
Media - salaries are lower (a little) - about $110K or even less.
Public sector has the lowest payments (of course) - the highest salary I have heard about is $100K.

I hope, I helped you with my information (it is my own knowledge and I am not sure if it is distinct).


20 Jan 2020, 8:53am

I'm afraid your question is so difficult... Certainty, there are (probably) some estimations but everything depends on many factors - your location, an industry you work for, your other skills, a size of a project...

On the other hand, I hope that PMP certification guarantees you high salary.

Good luck!


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