Leadership Practices For Best Results (LPBR) - How to unlock your leadership potential so you can Motivate, Inspire, Lead and Empower

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Top leaders have become top leaders by learning ways to motivate, inspire, lead and empower people. They have mastered the skills without which others have failed. In most cases, theyve gained these skills through trial-and-error, experience, personal and professional development.

These top leaders have learned how to create and inspire motivated, empowered, effective, efficient, caring teams who strive for excellence in all they do. LPBR saves you the painful and time consuming process of learning through trial and error, by learning from the experiences of the best leaders.

There is a huge difference between leaders and those who lead. Leaders have a position of influence and power. Those who lead on the other hand, inspire. People naturally want to follow those who lead not because they have to, but because they want to.

What is Leadership Practices For Best Results?
It is a proven, effective, unique and innovative executive level leadership coaching, created by leaders for leaders. It is a coaching methodology based on the principles of ARMO (Always Rich Mindset Optimization) augmented with best leadership practices and uses the innovative concept of GrowingU . This Coaching methodology guides participant through the process of discovering talents and potential hidden within, proven to significantly elevate creativity, motivation, effectiveness, communication skills and most importantly Leadership Skills that truly get desired results.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone who is a leader (Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Professional, Manager or aspiring Leader) and who is interested in achieving superior results in:
1.Ensuring dynamic growth and development regardless of economic circumstances
2.Increasing motivation of employees and maximizing the use of their potential
3.Creating a desirable company culture embraced and loved by all
4.Creating a team that is driven by a common mission working towards common goals
5.Learning precise and winning decision making skills
6.Using best practices to Motivate, Inspire, Lead and Empower your organization to thrive
7.Significantly improving productivity and profitability
8.Achieving outstanding Growth
9.Creating a burning desire to achieve excellence

How You Will Benefit?
During this intensive 3-day highly effective, proven, results oriented leadership coaching, you will learn from real life examples, methods, ideas and techniques that you can begin to apply immediately to develop the leader within you. This is an interactive workshop that uses innovative methods of GrowingU, a methodology that helps you Grow your business by Growing you. It is an exploration into your role as a visionary leader and a strategic thinker. Participants work individually and in groups under the guidance of experienced, licensed coaches and business practitioners. You will leave the workshop knowing how to:
- Lead by setting a clear vision, earning the trust of your team and guiding them to individual growth, greater performance and profit
- Clearly communicate the companys mission, vision and goals so the entire team is pulling in the same direction
- Create a winning strategy by understanding critical leadership proficiencies and techniques
- Apply the most effective coaching skills to help you build an extraordinary team that has a shared vision, common goals, and works together to create desired results
- Avoid leadership pitfalls and traps
- Develop a leadership style that can easily adapt to any person or situation
- Upgrade your leadership skills today to overcome the toughest challenges and achieve the best results tomorrow
- Effectively delegate and empower your team to improve performance, effectiveness and productivity
- Help your team grow as individuals (successful companies are made of successful people)

You will gain the following 12 practical proficiencies:

1.Developing the leader within and recognizing your infinite potential
1.Understand a straightforward definition of what it is to lead which simplifies your responsibilities as a leader
2.Finding the greatness of your team by first seeing your own greatness and potential
3.Born leaders are created, learn how to acquire this talent
4.Discover your strengths and learn to turn the recognition of your weakness into strength.
5.Discover and uncover your hidden competencies, then learn to build on them to create the exact results you desire
6.Boost your confidence and self image to be the leader from the inside out
7.What makes the most successful men and women succeed
8.Facts you must understand before you can lead effectively

2. How to discover and tap into your inner strengths
1.Become aware of your role on the team in order to learn when to lead and when to follow
2.Learn to identify the uniqueness of each team member and how to consciously bring the right personalities on board who will both build on your strengths and compliment your weaknesses.
3.Learn to identify team behavior and how to most effectively unite them
4.Learn to conduct effective meetings that produce the desired results and objectives
5.How to deal with conflict, and learn to respond to stress instead of reacting
6.Teach every team member to understand their role and how important their contribution is to the team
7.Learn to recognize strengths and weaknesses of team members and help them grow
8.How to match team members so that they are most effective and efficient

3.Secrets to becoming an inspired leader
1.Master the skills of communicating, motivating inspiring and empowering your team
2.Learn to manage your time and identify productive and non-productive habits
3.Master and habituate leadership skills in 90 days
4.Learn to sell your ideas to the team so they feel ownership of it
5.4 secrets to help you keep your best people around

4.Save years of personal experience in becoming a great leader
1.Good leaders learn from their mistakes, better leaders learn from other peoples mistakes, the best leaders learn from other peoples successes, so lets learn from them
2.Study common pitfalls and mistakes leaders make
3.Lessons learned from the best leaders in history (recent and past)
4.Common mistakes leaders think are the right way to lead
5.Common attitude traps that can destroy credibility and trust
6.Tackle problems and people the right way at the right time
7.Habits that cause barriers and could destroy a team but we think are great ideas

5.Creating a business environment through which the team can thrive and grow
1.How to create a company culture like the 100 most successful companies
2.How happy employees translate to 30% improved productivity and efficiency
3.How to help your team discover their personal purpose and inspire them to higher performance by aligning their purpose with the companys
4.Improving the self image of every team member to improve overall confidence across the board
5.Investing in your team so they are mentally optimized at work and outside
6.The 3 necessary element to creating new, more useful habits
7.Mastermind Skills within departments, interdepartmental and external

6.Understanding you in order to understand others and lead them
1.Thinking your way into the desired results
2.Seeing yourself as the leader you are
3.Overcoming fear (and the different types of fear)
4.Overcoming procrastination
5.Developing persistence
6.Developing belief
7.Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect

7.Building a team that is driven by a common mission working towards common goals
1.How to create a mission with the team so everyone has ownership of it
2.How to set and achieve goals that are in harmony with your mission
3.Planning sessions that produce desired results
4.Taking actions that produce desired results
5.The creative thinking process
6.Assessing results and starting the cycle to new heights

8.Inspire the craving for excellence in your team
1.How to get your teams input on creating and executing the company Mission, Vision and Goals
2.Become an example for other leaders by creating a team that accepts nothing less than excellence
3.Develop a pure and simple philosophy guaranteed to produce the results you want.
4.The use of intellectual faculties to created desired outcomes
5.Low-cost or cost free ways to reward and motivate your employees
6.Recognizing when a team member is ready to grow to a higher self
7.Key focus areas to help your team move in the right direction

9.How to determine what your team expect from their leader
1.Learn to identify what your team really needs
2.Develop your intuition as one of your best tools for great leadership
3.Grow your leadership proficiency as your team grows and matures
4.How to inject your team with the right dosage of direction
5.Know when to guide, serve, push, mediate or listen to get the job done
6.Putting your teams needs as one of your top priorities

10.Learn when to lead and when to follow (the six leadership types)
1.Master the six leadership dimensions and teach them to your team
1.Leading Upward
2.Leading Downward
3.Leading Inward
4.Leading Outward
5.Leading Backward
6.Leading Forward

11.Applications of learned skills as a tool to improve individual and team performance
1.Understanding the difference between managing and leading
2.Communicate so others want to follow and lead them to desired results
3.Build trust and respect with those you lead.
4.Say what you mean and mean what you say, give clear direction
5.Master simple communication methods to avoid costly misunderstandings
6.Learn to use feel good questions to build friendship and rapport
7.How to get your employees listening to you, not just hearing you.

12.Develop effective communication skills
1.How to focus on the process, instead of the person, when offering constructive critique
2.Use of sincere and specific feedback to improve performance, strengthen commitment and prevent costly mistakes
3.How to use positive feedback to increase your teams passion towards desired outcomes
4.When and how to offer critique publicly or privately
5.When costly mistakes are made, use the right feedback methods to motivate
6.Creating a training moment out of every victory and failure
7.How to encourage team members without risking others begin discouraged

Profiles of coaches:
Ashchi Nader
Phil Cicio
Thomas Byzia:

Tomasz Byzia
+48 602 636 399
SkypeID: tbyzia

Available language versions: English | Polski

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