Two Monorail Crane Systems Applied in Stone Manufacturing - Project Management - Theory and Practice



6 Aug 2021, 5:19am
he Client
Solid Stone is a crane company that specializes in stone manufacturing. They carry a large selection of stone in their manufacturing premises that include marble, quartz, granite, and porcelain.

The Challenge
With production outgrowing their space, Solid Stone built a new larger production facility. They need to repurpose the design to better match the environment. With a redesign in the works, they decided to better align their lifting capabilities with their manufacturing processes.

The Solution
Dongqi Cranes designed two monorail cranes systems and installed at the new location. The two systems were combined to make one long crane system with two bridges that worked well given the layout of the new premises.
Ceiling Tracks was added to the bridges to increase the hoist travel along the entire length of both bridges.
The crane system has a safer work environment that allows the product to be moved to various locations on their production floor.
With a custom-designed lifting solution in place, Solid Stone reduced the operation time and increased productivity.
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