Three things you'd like to know before starting as a pm - Project Management - Theory and Practice



7 Mar 2020, 12:48pm
I am new as a project manager and I have got one question. Are there any things which you had not known before starting as a pm and you wish you had got to know?
I am sure I can find here many experienced project managers who know a lot about this work. If you could share your knowledge with me and find out only 3 crucial things...
I would be very greateful!


7 Mar 2020, 9:21pm
My adivce:
- Get a certification (PMP is the best for me...)
- Relax ;)
- Lern how to communicate well
Good luck!


9 Mar 2020, 1:49pm
What a great question!
There are 3 things I can add:
1. Project = people. You have to communicate with them and know them. Furthermore, try to encourage them to communicate well each other.

2. If you are creating a project management deliverable and you do not know what good it provides, you either must get to know more about it or you need to stop it because it is not useful.

3. If you meet with people (talk to them, send them e-mail...) and you don't know why - that is not a necessary communication - it is also unuseful.

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