Bridge crane “ten no lifting” - Zarządzanie projektami - teoria i praktyka



6 Aug 2021, 4:21am
Bridge crane is a necessary equipment for many factories such as machining, mold assembly and so on. This time we will give further explanation to the bridge crane.

1. If the signal instruction is not clear, lifting is not allowed; if the signal instruction is not clear, it is mainly aimed at the pneumatic bridge crane with cab. Since the operator is far away from the suspended object, it is necessary to communicate with the partner below in time, or set up bridge crane operation command personnel on the ground to send command signals to the above air operators in time. Nowadays, with the lightweight design and humanization operation of lifting equipment, there are few empty bridge cranes with cab.

2. It is strictly forbidden to cable-stayed crane, which is the first illegal operation method. When the safety protection equipment is damaged during the cable-stayed process, the steel wire rope may be cut off, which will cause uncertain external force to the bridge crane structure, which will cause great damage.

3. If the component of the object is unknown or overloaded, it is not allowed to lift; if the component is not known or overloaded, it is not considered under normal circumstances, because the current bridge crane needs to add overload limiter according to the specification. If the component exceeds the rating of the bridge crane, the limiter will disconnect the raise control circuit. Therefore, overload limiter is a very important protection element. In the daily protection and maintenance of bridge crane, it is necessary to check whether the limiter is normal and effective, and judge the approximate component of the lifted object in the use of bridge crane, so as to have a clear understanding.

4. It is not allowed to lift loose objects or materials under load. Good habits shall be formed during operation and operation shall be carried out as required. We should not be afraid of trouble or good luck. Once the lifted weight, especially the molten metal, is scattered, the consequences are self-evident.

5. When there is any person on the bridge crane, it is strictly forbidden to lift.

6. The objects buried in the ground shall not be lifted. The objects buried in the ground or the heavy objects connected with the ground will cause destructive damage to the bridge crane during the hoisting process.

7. Safety equipment is the safe ground for protecting crane. 90% of the defects of bridge crane are caused by the faults of safety equipment, and the faults of safety equipment may also cause serious personal injury and death. Therefore, users should protect and maintain regularly.

8. The light on site is dark and lifting is forbidden when the lifting point is unclear;

9. The marginal object and wire rope are directly touched, and lifting is not allowed without protective measures, which is also the primary hidden danger of safety accidents.

10. The strong wind above grade 6 shall not be lifted. Strong wind refers to the gantry crane outside the room, because the strong wind may cause the equipment to lose control and cause unexpected damage.
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